Creating a Prometric ID

Check the following notes before creating your Prometric ID.

  | About Prometric ID
  • The Prometric ID is the ID required to take certified tests conducted by Prometric. (Except for some tests.)
  • Prometric and accreditation bodies use this ID to manage personal information and test results for each examinee.
  • Historic information of your certification may not be recorded correctly if you have duplicate IDs.
  • The Prometric ID consists of two letters and seven numbers.
  • You need a valid e-mail address to create a Prometric ID. If you do not have an e-mail address or if you share your e-mail address with multiple users, please obtain a free e-mail address such as Yahoo!, Gmail, etc. before you create your Prometric ID.
  | Note

If you are disconnected from our server before completing ID creation, the procedure may not be completed. In this situation, you need to create the Prometric ID again. If you have any questions, please contact